The Stringraphy Experience & Show 22 July

The Stringraphy Experience & Show 22 July


22 July 2017, 2:00PM
(We will open 30 minutes before the concert is scheduled to begin.)

Now please come forward and Experience this new Instrument because you can only try here in Tokyo.Stringraphy is a unique instrument which consists of extended lengths of silk strings and paper cups.This instrument born in Japan is the only one in the World.People who cannot read nor play music can play Stringraphy
Totally 90 minutes is divided into 3 parts

-What‘s Stringraphy & Let’s listen to music-
The explanation of Stringraphy by kazue Mizushima who invented Stringraphy.
Stringraphy Ensemble members play a variety of songs for example original compositions, classical, Japanese folk songs including animation music.

-Let’s try to play by yourself-
You can try to play a melody of some songs and make a wide variety of sounds.
For example birds animals and weather sounds such as rain and wind.

-Let’s make your own Stringraphy-
You can make a short Stringraphy which is like a string telephone and then take it to your home.

2,500 Yen to be paid at the door

Studio EVE
(It is a 5 minutes walk from Daitabashi Station on the Keio Line.)
Address: 1-4-13 Matsubara, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Phone: 03-5376-3633


Please contact us using this “contact form“.

Mandatory field
1. Name 2. E-mail address 3. Phone number 4. Reservation Dates & Time 5. The number of people 6. What area (prefecture or ward) are you living in? 7. Nationality

If it does not work , Please send an email message to or a fax message to 03-5376-8055 giving the following information.

※Daitabashi station is on the Keio Line 2stops from Shinjuku. (Only local trains stop there) When you come out of the station gate ,turn left and go up the stairs then cross over the pedestrian crossing to a convenience store then turn right and follow the road along the railway. After the road curves , you can see a rail crossing. Our studio is the left side just before rail crossing.



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