A Child Director トリトリ-ペット 「トリトリランド」リハーサルの合間に

7月28日(金)July 28, 201718, 2017 (Fri.)

We will be premiering the new show “ToriToriLand” on the 5th of August.
Our rehearsal is in the final stage.
Ito & Mio Sisters have created new game “ItoIto Sanpo”. They have discovered that a ball of worn out string looks like an animal. It looked like a dog on a lead yesterday. “Let’s pretended” Ito said. “I have a dog on a lead. I am just going to take the dog for a walk.” They found a “bird” which is going to become a part of stage costume today.


“Let’s pretended” Mio said. “I have a bird on her nest. I am just going to take the bird’s – nest for a walk.”

“Let’s pretended” Ito said. “We both have a bird on her nest. We are going to take our birds for a walk.”

“My bird has slipped down from the nest.” Ito said.
巣から落ちた。By Ito

“Mine, too.” Mio said.
私のも。By Mio

Both are very interested in pretty costume.

“I am going to review the New Production!” A Child Director, Ito said.




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