On the 2nd day of Indianapolis tour, Preparation and rehearsal インディアナポリス(アメリカ)ツアー 仕込み 第2日目

June 3, 2015 (Wed.)           6月3日(水)

0会場外The “Annual Gala” will be held at the “Indiana Roof Ballroom”.
会場の「インディアナ ルーフ ボールルーム」に到着。


1セッティング1Chiaki, a stuff of the” Japan-America Society of Indiana” has prepared aluminum poles with matching pole bases. They are functional and worked perfectly.


2セッティング2We need a lot of weight to fix the poles. 100Kg per 1 pole. We have to carry 680Kg weights! The tension of a string is much stronger than you think.


3ランチおべんとうI have asked Chiaki to prepare not only 680Kg concrete blocks, but also helpers. Two volunteers, Asel and YoungHoon who are students of Purdue University Indianapolis helped us! We had “O-bento” for lunch. This was first time to eat Japanese food for Asel from Sri Lanka.


4糸張りThe charm of the Stringraphy is transforming the space by stretching about a hundred of strings. The chemicals between the architecture and the Stringraphy sometimes create a beautiful effect.


7会食後 テレサさんとTheresa, the Executive Director of the Japan-America Society of Indiana (JASI) invited us to a wonderful dinner at the “Harry & Izzy’s”. I couldn’t believe that it was my first time meeting Theresa. We just couldn’t stop talking and laughing. Thank you Theresa, for giving us such a lovely time!
インディアナ日米協会専務理事テレサさんが、有名なステーキハウス“Harry & Izzy’s”のディナーに招待してくださいました。初めてお会いしたとは思えない親近感を感じ、お話が尽きませんでした。