Open Rehearsal

4月22日(日)April 22, 2018 (Sun.)
Two people from Melbourne visited the “Open Rehearsal”.

“Open Rehearsals” offer visitors a mini Stringraphy performance in casual atmosphere.
It’s about 60 minutes program.
Professional performers play several pieces of music including western classical music, pop music and Stringraphy’s original composition.
Kazue Mizushima, the founder of the Stringraphy will explain about the instrument both in English and Japanese.
We will invite one or two audience to try playing the instrument.

We set an “Open Rehearsal” for the people who are interested in Stringraphy, but we don’t have any concerts during their stay in Tokyo.
It is arranged just for you, so please contact us immediately when your schedule is changed, and you can’t make it.

プロジェクト名:Open Rehearsal


春のオープン・リハーサル Open Rehearsal

3月20日(火) March 20,2018(Tues.)
A family from Sydney visited our studio. Tiffany is a Chinese Australian who came to the Stringraphy Concert in Guangzhou in 2013!

She bought her family including her three lovely daughters today.
We were very happy to hear that she looked for “Studio EVE” because she wanted to bring her children during their stay in Tokyo.
Thank you, Tiffany!


Open Rehearsal

7月28日(金)July 28, 201718, 2017 (Fri.)
Joy sent us an email asking about the Open Rehearsal a few days ago. She has been teaching English at an elementary school in Ehime. She invited her parents from Wellington (New Zealand) to enjoy summer holidays together. Today is their last day in Tokyo. We are very glad that we had the opportunity to invite them to our rehearsal on their very last day of their vacation.


Joy tried playing the Stringraphy first time in her life. She played “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.


Joy and her Mom played the major scale together. They care about each other. The most important thing a Stringraphy player should think about is to synchronize the timing. They did a perfect job!


プロジェクト名:Open Rehearsal
時間:12:00 – 13:00
観客:3名(Joy & Her parents) from New Zealand

オープンリハーサル Open Rehearsal

5月25日(木)May 25, 2017 (Thurs.)

We had a call from the information counter at TOKYO station the day before yesterday.
Midori, the producer & manager of the Studio EVE was surprised, because she said that here is a person from Colombia who is asking if the Studio EVE has any concerts within a few days. We were scheduled to have a rehearsal this afternoon, so Midori told him that he can come.
We figured out that he is Juan, a Colombian engineer living in Huston traveling with Collin, a Malaysian medical scientist also lives in Huston.Collin said that she found us on the TripAdvisor.
Juan said that he used to play the piano and the Charango. The charango is a small Andean stringed instrument made of armadillo shell. I saw them in Peru and Bolivia when I traveled in Latin American countries. I was very interested in the instrument. I have created the Stringraphy utilizing silk strings and paper cups, because they are everyday material. Armadillos must be common animal in these areas. Am I right?


時間:14:00 – 15:00
観客: 2人(Colombia, Malaysia both living in U.S.)

Open Rehearsal

5月8日(月)May 8, 2017 (Mon.)

Jay & Faith, visiting from France contacted us about the Open rehearsal today. We happened to schedule a rehearsal this evening, so we asked them if they could come over our studio.
Jay is originaly from Réunion Island asn Faith is from République de Côte d’Ivoire.
We had a nice chat after the rehearsal !